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Electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average energy budget.

The operational life of current white LED lamps is 100,000 hours. This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation. The long operational life of a led lamp is a stark contrast to the average life of an incandescent bulb, which is approximately 5000 hours.
Green Terra is a reseller of Philips in LED lighting solutions. We will do a free walk through audit and provide you all the technical assistance needed in re-lamping your properties. Our LED lighting products have a minimum warranty of three years with return of investment of less than three years.

Below are the few advantageous of LED lights over fluorescent lights that will explain you why LED lights are more preferable than fluorescent lights.

Advantages of LEDs over Fluorescent Lights

Energy Efficient: In a LED, current flows only in one direction and very less heat is produced during its operation so there is very less wastage of the emitted light.

Durable quality: LEDs have excellent outdoor application and can withstand rough conditions, exposure to rain, snow, wind or even external vandalism (damage).

Design flexibility: LED can be dimmed resulting in dynamic control of light, color and distribution. Color changing LEDs can produce millions of colors.

Ecofriendly: LEDs does not have any hazardous waste, are 100% recyclable, they do not emit UV or Infrared rays that results in no fading or degrading of materials in museums or art galleries.

Payback period: LEDs have exceptional payback periods ranging between one to three years depending on the price and quantity to be installed.

Easy Installation: LEDs can be used in already existing plugs, requires no additional devices like ballasts.

Instant ON: LEDs does not require time to flicker, they produce instant light and instant full illumination. LEDs do not have off-state power consumption as they are directly connected to direct line voltage.  

Fluorescent lights are a great lighting option for those wishing to pay less initially for their needs. LEDs, however, provide long term savings, great performance, variable colours, and do not contain any hazardous materials.