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We offer landscape design, construction and maintenance services for all size projects and properties, with ESTIMATES and CONSULTATIONS.

From the proper installation of plants to the construction of hardscapes like Swimming pools, patios, walkways and water features etc. we specialize in quality craftsmanship, providing Design, Installation, and Maintenance. Whether you want a desert-themed landscape or your own tropical oasis, we will install everything needed to make a practical living space

Principles of Landscaping

Irrigation System

Green Terra Irrigation System

Irrigation refers to the artificial application of water to the soil to assist the crops to grow. Irrigation is a very crucial component in our company. Before installing the irrigation systems in your garden, our team will carefully assess the peak volume requirements and weather conditions. This will help them to decide on a suitable watering system that will suit your garden/community.

Additionally, this watering system should be sustainable and economical. Our team of experts will develop and customize the irrigation systems according to the design of your garden/Community.


We do the installation of one or a combination of the following irrigation systems;

Drip irrigation

Spray irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation

Micro-spray irrigation

To facilitate this process of irrigation, we install various centrifugal pump stations in the horizontal or vertical configuration that use multi-stage and even we install irrigation controllers.