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HVACR Solutions

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR).
A typical building spend more than 50% of the average energy expenditure on HVACR systems.
It is very crucial to build an efficient HVACR system that performs as expected without many defects and wastage of energy. Green Terra has all the capabilities in not only building an efficient systems but also revising the already existing systems. We have experts in the industry with more than two decades of experience in designing and providing solutions for HVAC systems. We provide solutions based on international standards, as well as, efficient in terms of cost and expectations.

Heating Solutions

Heat Pumps:
A heat pump is a machine that produces thermal energy (to heat structures, produce domestic hot water, etc.) using renewable sources of energy. The operating principle is that of a refrigerating circuit, in which heat subtracted from a low temperature environment (for instance, the outdoors around a house) is transferred to another environment at a higher temperature (for instance, the house or the domestic hot water tank).

Thanks to this operating principle, the heat pump can also cool the environment. Indeed, simply by inverting the refrigerant cycle. These machines are powered by electricity (to allow the refrigerating cycle to run), but their power absorption is considerably lower than the heat they generate. Indeed, as mentioned before, the majority of thermal energy is “harvested for free” from an external source.

The really clever part of this is that it takes 1 kWh electrical energy run the system to extract 3 kWh of heat from a source side and to add that 3 kWh, plus the 1 kWh input, to the hot water side. Thus, with one kWh electrical energy, we get 4 kWh heating and 3 kWh cooling.

Advantages of Heat Pumps :

Grundfos is our active partner in supply of heat pumps and pumping solutions. We assist you in not only providing complete turnkey solutions but also in revising your existing pump systems. Our certified HVAC experts will assist you in implementing energy efficient solutions.

Cooling Solutions


Chillers are classified as a refrigeration system that removes heat from a process load/ fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities. Chillers uses very little electricity or waste heat to drive cooling process.

Advantages of Chillers: